Schiavo dies, despots fervently hope for martyr status

March 31, 2005

So, Terri’s dead, having passed right on schedule, though it sure seemed like a rather long death watch.

The extremist right wingers are not missing a beat, as CNN is reporting that Tom Delay released a statement threatening revenge on those who fought for Terri’s right to die, and his GOP cohorts are all over TV screaming about “activist” judges and the need for judicial reform.

“It is entirely possible that in her death Terri Schiavo will become a symbol for many people about a disturbing trend in American culture,” said Gary Bauer, a prominent conservative activist. Predicting a “donnybrook” over the eventual Supreme Court nominee, he said the Schiavo case “will make more acute the feeling at the grass roots that too many of the most important decisions are being made by unelected judges.”

Selfish men continue to make capital for themselves out of the cause of Terri Schiavo.

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