New Country Music Bible?

June 11, 2003

Jack Spark’s The Other Side of Country is smoking, as usual, this week. He is reviewing a new book, Heartaches by the Number: Country Music’s 500 Greatest Singles, by David Cantwell (DC) and Bill Friskics-Warren (BFW), which he actually likes, despite the tone of this quote:

To whit…Number 358, “Any Man of Mine,” by Shania Twain. I applaud DC and BFW for finding a way to speak intelligently about her music. On the other hand, if my gig is to have any validity whatsoever, I HAVE to err on the side of paranoia. This woman is nothing. Her music, persona, the whole bit is all engineered. Where they see an injection of pop-diva sensibility and feminine strength, I see pure evil. This woman’s existence is dictated by her scumbag husband, who designs every song, every note, every inflection of her computer generated voice to create “alternate income streams” for one of the many rooms in their Swiss chalet. If as author, you’ve decided to limit your song pool only to singles, then you’re almost forced to give credence to these acute pop incursions into the genre, especially if they sell a lot of units.

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