David Caton feeds his sheep

June 23, 2005

Throw them chum

David Caton, the sexually obsessed recovering porn addict, is jumping into the Hillsborough homophobia fray.

Caton’s group launched a counteroffensive of e-mails late Tuesday thanking commissioners for the new policy.

“Most people believe that homosexual behavior is unnatural, harmful and offensive,” the e-mails said.

“Therefore, promoting a sense of pride in such an offensive lifestyle would be inappropriate and irresponsible.”

A counteroffensive?

Internet users are voicing their displeasure with the commission via e-mails from as far away as Britain and Holland. Commissioners’ offices had logged upwards of 700 e-mails apiece, most expressing opposition to the commission’s stance.

Obviously word is getting around through various blogs and other means through which interest groups keep tabs on issues of concern brewing around the nation. In the past couple of days, commissioners have been getting hammered with form e-mails, to the tune of more than 300 an hour. The county is tracking e-mails from Internet users who contact the county or commission offices through the “contact us” links on the county’s Web site. Since June 9, a day after the flap began, the county Web site had received 1,451 e-mails on the topic, all but 98 opposed to the commission’s stance.

Of the 98 expressing support of the commission’s stance, 68 were received in the past two days, and many of them appeared to have similar or exact wording, suggesting that word is getting around among groups opposed to gay rights.

So, on the one hand, thousands of independent thinkers from around the world have taken the time to search out and use the BOCC email link to express their personal feelings to our 6 bigoted commissioners. Good. On the other hand, the sheep who blindly follow the David Catons of this world are just well enough trained that, when so ordered, they can lift a finger to click a link which will send a pre-written email in their name, but they are apparently entirely incapable of editing the form letter into their own words, much less actually expressing an original thought from scratch.

Away from the truth!

And that’s just fine with Caton, since it’s easy to keep the wool pulled over the eyes of folks who are unable to muster even a smattering of intellectual curiosity.

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