Bring it on?

July 7, 2005

London rocked by explosions

Wow. That whole strategy of swaggering “bring it on,” and “we’ll draw them to Iraq and fight them there” is really working out, aint it?

Free societies will always be susceptible to attacks like this, but attacks grow much less likely if an effort is made to reach out to the rest of the world rather than fueling the hatred through violent and oppressive foreign policy.

I’m sure that the clamor from the usual suspects for more security and restricted civil liberties has already begun, but there’s simply no way, short of an all out police state, to protect the vast vulnerable infrastructure that we rely on to go about our daily lives.

We’re fond of invading sovereign nations, shattering innocent lives and spiriting suspects away to be tortured without trial. That’s not how our system is supposed to work. Terrorists need to be arrested and tried in open court, with all the rights that every other criminal defendant in the US gets. Real trials. Real evidence. Real jail cells for those convicted. And, yes, freedom for those against whom the government cannot prove a case.

Until we get back to the ideals which we claim to hold dear, our gross hypocrisy, spewing words of freedom while denying freedom to others through brute force, becomes the most effective tool in our enemies’ recruitment arsenal.

One Response to Bring it on?

  1. Liz on July 8, 2005 at 2:47 pm

    you’re absolutely correct, and so beautifully stated.



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