Poison Fruit: Santa Sweets grower hit with more fines

October 22, 2005

Ag-Mart, the Plant City producer of the popular Santa Sweets brand pesticide laden tomato, continues to rack up fines for possibly poisoning its workers, and at least one major grocery chain has decided to stop carrying its products pending an internal investigation into the possible poisoning of customers.

This time, it’s North Carolina making the accusations that the farming giant broke rules about pesticide use, including sending workers into freshly sprayed fields and sending produce off to market too soon after applying poisons. Last week, Florida imposed over $111,000 in fines for similar violations.

And Publix has decided to drop Santa Sweets until it can be determined if tomatoes with excess pesticide residue are being shipped and sold.

Despite the mounting evidence, record fines in 2 states, and an ongoing investigation in a third state, Ag-Mart seems to be in a state of denial, claiming that all the investigators are wrong and that this whole thing is just a big misunderstanding.

See, despite a complex mapping and labeling system for their fields, they really don’t know when workers are actually in said fields, so the investigators have no way of knowing, based on the shoddy records that Ag-Mart provided, whether or not workers were exposed to illegal and unsafe levels of freshly applied chemicals.

But even with the company’s strident protestations to the contrary, it’s becoming increasingly clear that Santa Sweets brand tomatoes are evil.

On September 26th……, Colonel Robert Gibbon Johnson stood on the steps of the courthouse …… with a basket of potentially toxic fruit. Despite warnings that its poison would turn his blood to acid, he told several hundred cheering spectators that he planned to eat the entire basket – and survive.

“The foolish Colonel will foam and froth at the mouth,” his own doctor shouted, “and double over with appendicitis…… one dose and he is dead. He might even be exposing himself to brain fever. Should he by some unlikely chance survive his skin will stick to his stomach and cause cancer.”

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