January 9, 2006

BlogWood is many things, but ever since the Weekly Planet declared this site to be Tampa Bay’s Best Left Winger, some people have said that BlogWood is not as fair and balanced as it could be.

So, in an effort to increase said fairness and balance, BlogWood is proudly announcing the addition of a new author.

Reformed Liberal is an ex-gay Christ loving hard line GOP conservative. The offspring of dirty, sexually liberated hippies, RL naturally tended toward progressive thought and a bacchanalian lifestyle but after years of unfettered drug use, sexual experimentation, and several head injuries, RL saw the light, went straight, and decided to start telling other people how they should lead their lives.

So, check the bylines – RL will be posting often and BlogWood will soon be every bit as fair and balanced as that other well known fair and balanced outfit. Really.

Oh, and I’m really really gonna try to make fresh posts to the SideBlogs on a regular basis. Or I’m just gonna get rid of the damn things. Whatever.

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