Voucher Decision Shows Need for Court Reform

January 9, 2006

Well, the activist judges on Florida’s Supreme Court are at it again. This time, they’ve decreed that Jeb!, our beloved leader, can’t help kids get a decent education. Why do these judges hate children?

Some people might say that it’s better to fully fund public schools and to provide basics like textbooks and working bathrooms, but that kind of thinking simply empowers the atheists and homos who dominate our public school systems.

Jeb! saw a better way. A way in which children could learn about Jesus and abstinence while pledging allegiance to God and country.

Several people agree with Jeb!, and some parents are aghast that their kids might have to once again mingle with the unwashed, yet the brainless ‘judges’ on Florida’s Supreme Court have taken it upon themselves to ruin everything.

It’s high time to abandon this system of checks and balances. Jeb! needs to follow the lead of his (figuratively) Big Brother and bypass the courts entirely. Well, criminal courts should still be used to lock up scary brown people, but this whole antiquated notion that unelected activist judges can somehow overturn the decrees of a sitting Republican governor is absolutely ridiculous!


One Response to Voucher Decision Shows Need for Court Reform

  1. Van on January 11, 2006 at 12:01 am

    Jeb is trying to starce the beast. The beast meaning government services. the purpose is to privitize all of our government services.

    This is nothing new. thsi is the core of the conservative agenda.



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