Government Kidnaps Christian Children!

January 13, 2006

Lori Allain, victim of sinful persecution!

RL here.

Well, the fascist army of the godless government is at it again. First, we had Waco and Ruby Ridge. Now Tom’s River will forever be invoked with the same prayerful short intake of breath.

On Wednesday, God’s soldiers Arthur and Lori Allain were unlawfully apprehended in a Tom’s River, N.J., motel room along with several of their offspring.

Their supposed crime: child abuse!

That’s right – the ‘authorities’ have once again ignored the will of God and have manufactured evidence in order to take these righteous folks into custody and kidnap their natural children.

A fugitive wanted along with her husband in Hernando County, Allain is accused of starving a 10-year-old girl to 29 pounds and locking her in a back room in the couple’s Royal Highlands mobile home.

After two and a half months of searching, authorities captured the elusive Allains in Room 150 of a Quality Inn motel on Route 37.

Lori Allain, 49, and Tommy Allain, 47, are scheduled to appear before an Ocean County judge at 1:30 p.m. today to determine when they will return to Florida to stand trial. If they waive their right to a hearing, the couple could be extradited to Hernando County within a week, said Robert Gasser, of the Ocean County prosecutor’s office. Otherwise, it could take about a month.

No Bail On Return

The couple face charges of aggravated child abuse in Florida. The Allains have testified the girl in their care had an eating disorder and that she and her older brother were severely abused by their mother, prompting them to lie and steal food.

An independent state investigation found Department of Children & Families caseworkers repeatedly missed warning signs and should have removed the children from the Allain home.

Hurricane Wilma hit South Florida Oct. 24, delaying the trial until the next day. The couple have said in previous interviews they weren’t notified of the change. They ran from the law, Lori Allain has said, to protect their sons from going into state custody.

Lori, whose tribute to the lord on her chest reads ‘Only God Can Judge Me’ in reverential script, vigorously refutes the charges.

“I’m going to tell you what. . . . Get up off my family. Got it? And you can quote me on that.”

“I have no fear in this case.”

“I would like the truth to be out there. To me, the truth comes out, and then me and my husband have no fears.”

“You’ve got to understand. The biker world is a very, very big organization, and they’re all over the U.S. and the world. When they know you’re right . . . you’re not going to find us.

“People tend to judge us because we have tattoos and wear leather. Everyone keeps referring to this tattoo (across her chest that says “Only God Can Judge Me”). That’s been on my chest since 2000. It doesn’t come from this case. That’s my belief. They stereotype you. All these people can judge me. Guess what? I don’t care. On the final day God’s going to judge me. And he knows my heart. He knows I’m a good person.”

“I didn’t agree her weight was 29 pounds. I think her weight was 34 pounds.”

“I’m a people person like you wouldn’t believe.”

Obviously, this God fearing couple have been set up by the secular leftist homosexual agendists, but those forces may well have miscalculated, and when the Christian bikers get through with Hernando County… well, let’s just say that the Sheriff up there better find Jesus pretty soon.

One Response to Government Kidnaps Christian Children!

  1. B.N.Good on April 9, 2006 at 10:45 am

    You ignorant religious fanatic. If Adolph Hitler had “Jesus” tatooed on his arm you would aclaim him as a child of God too. It’s too bad there isn’t some kind of magical law that would evaporate sick morons like you for obliterating the truth. Every facet of your program is to disseminate some form of hatred. People like you should have targets painted on your foreheads and backs so that during Moron hunting season we could bag the lot of you.



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