Saving America’s Children

February 11, 2006

This LA Times article speaks for itself. Go read the whole thing. I just want to add that, as illustrated by the excerpted bit below, even kids who are getting the right upbringing – homeschooling, bible study, faith based healing, et al. – can fall prey to the wicked secularist rantings of science based theorists.

As the session ended, Nicole Ableson, 34, rounded up her four young children. “This shows your kids that there are other people who are out there who believe what you believe, and who have done the research,” she said. “So they don’t think ‘This is just my parents believing in fairy tales.’ ”

Emily Maynard, 12, was also delighted with Ham’s presentation. Home-schooled and voraciously curious, she had recently read an encyclopedia for fun — and caught herself almost believing the entry on evolution. “They were explaining about apes standing up, evolving to man, and I could kind of see that’s how it could happen,” she said.

Ham convinced her otherwise. As her mother beamed, Emily repeated Ham’s mantra: “The Bible is the history book of the universe.”

So, why do we keep insisting on stocking our libraries and schools with so-called encyclopedias and other false texts? This child was almost lost. Next time, it could be your daughter, and the outcome might not be so right.

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