Rubio Drilling Deeper and Deeper

June 16, 2010

Nationwide, tea party primary winners are grabbing headlines as they seemingly try to outdo each other in a surreal political reality theater.  Nevada’s Sharron Angle, Kentucky’s Rand Paul and Florida’s Marco Rubio are three of the not ready for post-primary time players who are battling it out on America’s Got Tea.

Each of these far right Senate candidates is playing to win, with everything from the resurrection of prohibition (tea partiers don’t mind the government regulating what you put into your body) and the elimination of Social Security to the return of the Jim Crow era being discussed.

Oh, and the Florida candidate has decided that now is a really really good time to differentiate himself by favoring expanded offshore drilling.

Game changer.

Floridians have never wanted oil rigs off of our coasts.  Drilling was always the third rail of Florida politics.  When he ran for Governor in 2006 Charlie Crist remained adamantly against drilling.

Crist even evoked childhood memories of cleaning birds after an oil spill in Tampa Bay. He has expressed adamant opposition to drilling throughout his career, from state senator to education commissioner to U.S. Senate candidate to attorney general.

But on Tuesday, he joined presumptive Republican presidential nominee John McCain in calling for an end to a 26-year federal ban on drilling, saying states should decide whether to allow rigs off their coasts, subject to safety and environmental restrictions.

Charlie Crist, cozying up to John McCain during his Presidential run, breached the wellhead when came out in favor of drilling and wasn’t subsequently beaten up in the polls.  A veritable gusher of GOP legislators followed, along with bills and proposals and rushed studies, and for the first time ever, in the last couple of years, Florida has been on the verge of allowing the rigs within a few miles of shore.

That’s right – in 2008 when Charlie Crist considered himself a prime contender for the VP slot on McCain’s ticket, he honed his rank hypocrisy polished his tough guy hetero cred by getting himself caught swapping spit in an elevator, and by openly supporting the rape and pillage of the Gulf.

Of course, in 2010 Crist is courting Democratic voters, and the timing couldn’t be better to flip around like an oil covered fish show his sensitive side by sensibly turning against drilling.  Let’s trust him!  I think he really loves us!

Anyway, Marco Rubio should probably come out against drilling too.  Public opinion in Florida, which had been trending toward drilling acceptance, has turned sharply against as the Gulf continues to bleed.

But Rubio is stuck.  His tea bagging masters are keeping him on a tight leash.  He tried to be just a little bit moderate on the Arizona immigration law, but his base gave a jerk of the lead, and he came right back into step, flipping his position to just right of crazy.

Rubio’s easily trained, and he wont attempt to roam around on drilling or be caught trending toward the center on any other issues.  This will help him with the really hard core crowd, but most voters will be turned off by his extremism.  And the hard core group wont be enough to drag him over the finish line, even in a three way race.

In fact, there is a real possibility that Rubio’s hard core supporters may end up being so bitterly disappointed by their dream candidate that they wont end up expending much effort for him in the end.   But that’s fodder for another post.

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