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June 13, 2003

The Weak Planet has a decent article on Fox News this week. Written by some guy in Charlotte.

…the scariest thing about Fox and Rupert Murdoch, the thing that renders them all fear and no fun in a time of national crisis, is that they channel for the Bush administration as faithfully as if they were on the White House payroll. Like no other substantial media outlet in American history, Fox serves — voluntarily — as the propaganda arm of a controversial, manipulative, image-obsessed government. To watch its war coverage for even a minute was to grind your teeth convulsively at each Orwellian repetition of the Newspeak mantra, “Operation Iraqi Freedom.” I swear I hate to stoop to Nazi analogies; but if Joseph Goebbels had run his own cable channel, it would have been indistinguishable from Fox News.

Remember: the Planet fired all their writers several months ago, and promised that local coverage would not be affected. Yeah, right. The other big article this week is a commentary by a Washington based writer. This is like the Clear Channelization of our local alt weekly.

Heres an old article from Cincinnati that explains simply what happens when a media conglomerate gobbles up previously locally owned radio stations. Seems to me a similar scenario is playing out at the Planet.

It’s shortly after 10 a.m. in Rochester, N.Y., and Randi West is explaining to her KISS106 listeners how they can win Ricky Martin concert tickets.

At the same time, she’s telling listeners in Louisville how they can win Britney Spears tickets. She’s chatting with a caller to her Toledo show, promoting a lunch giveaway on her Charleston, S.C., station and promoting a free spring break trip to her fans in Des Moines.

She does all this while hosting the mid-morning show on Cincinnati’s WKFS-FM (107.1) from the KISS107 studios in Mount Auburn, thanks to a digital computer network linking the six Clear Channel stations.

At about the same time, listeners of Cincinnati’s WVMX-FM (94.1) hear MIX94.1 host Lisa Thomas promote the station’s Wheels of Fortune BMW giveaway, unaware that she’s broadcasting digitally from Clear Channel’s MIX102.9 in Dallas.

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