Politifact Bends Backwards to Bash Union Mailer

September 22, 2010

The AFL-CIO is sending mailers to union members in Florida touting Kendrick Meek and pointing out that Marco Rubio is not exactly worker friendly.

The mailer makes three assertions:

    Rubio opposes extending unemployment benefits

    Rubio is anti-union rights

    Rubio is pro-outsourcing

These assertions are pretty easy to back up with real life examples of Marco Rubio’s actions and rhetoric. For instance, to this day Rubio confirms that he would have voted against the emergency extension of unemployment benefits. He says that his opposition is based on the fact that the extension, like every single other emergency benefits extension ever, was not paid for with cuts somewhere else.

Rubio confirms that he would have voted against the extension of benefits, but Politifact twists and turns and declares that Rubio might have supported a different bill and thus that makes the AFL-CIO mailer only “half true.”

So, by Politifact’s logic, if a politician votes against a bill but claims he would have voted for a different bill, then it’s not fair to criticize the politician for voting against the actual bill.

Good to know.

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