FL-22: VFW PAC Endorses Democrat Klein, Makes Republicans Whine!

October 14, 2010

Lieutenant Colonel Allen B West (US Army War Criminal, Ret) is not a witch. Allen West is a macho hetero Spartan warrior with a higher security clearance than the President. He’s into Nazis and movies about gladiators, likes to dabble in torture, is a favorite of Sarah Palin, and, of course, he’s a deadbeat who’s running on a platform of fiscal responsibility.

Obviously, Allen West is a candidate with impeccable credentials and an Iraqi War Veteran to boot, so WTF is the VFW PAC doing endorsing his progressive Dem opponent Ron Klein?

VFW Pac claims that their endorsement is based on the fact that Klein strongly supports veterans, but some on the right are livid that the VFW PAC would ignore the tea party torture hero Allen West in favor of a man who actually supports veterans on the issues that are important to them.

The Palm Beach Post reports that some veterans are demanding a retraction of the VFW PAC endorsement, but despite the whining, VFW PAC is standing firm behind Democrat Ron Klein because Ron Klein really does support our troops:

The VFW PAC operates separately from the 2.1 million-member VFW. Its endorsements are based on how legislators vote on key issues for veterans and members of the military. House members who agreed with the VFW’s position on at least 10 of 13 selected votes received endorsements.

Citing the “angry tone and tenor” of calls and messages to VFW headquarters, leaders of the veterans group called on the PAC this week to rescind all 356 of its House and Senate endorsements.

The PAC today acknowledged that “emotions are running high” in some races, but said it is standing by its endorsements.

“It would not only be unfair, but contrary to VFW-PAC By-Laws to disregard the incumbent’s record of support and endorse another candidate,” the PAC said in a statement. “The VFW-PAC will not abandon those in Congress that have supported issues of critical importance to our nation’s security and veterans.”

Tea party heads are exploding.

Support the candidate who really supports the troops. Give to Ron Klein.

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