Bush’s racial profiling order a sham!

June 19, 2003

Elaine Cassel weighs in with a look at the tricks and deceptions that make up Dubya’s recent racial profiling proclamation:

So, in one “order,” at once arrogant, bold, and evil, Bush has declared that it is lawful to violate the Constitution when he says it is—if you fit any racial or ethnic stereotype.

And his followers, and most un-thinking Americans, won’t know the difference. They think he did something worth applauding.

The ACLU knows better. The order, they say, is “little more than rhetorical smoke and mirrors…that will legitimize and encourage the use of racial profiling at our borders, in our airports and anywhere else federal agent can apply vague and hollow justifications of national security.”

One Response to Bush’s racial profiling order a sham!

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