Top Country Songs?

June 19, 2003

Jack Sparks continues his good list of top 100 country songs:

There’s a certain amount of irreverence involved in this list. That is to say, there are acts that I like that I don’t revere, and vice versa. Second, this list is about to get really weird now that we’re out of the top 20. I rant a lot about this, that, and the other thing, but, I firmly believe that, OUTSIDE OF A FEW EXCEPTIONS (note, to all you folks in the 615 area code, that means some of you are doin okay), the Nashville recording industry has been an ARTISTIC wasteland since about 1982. So, no, Garth Brooks just isn’t going to show up on this list anywhere. He’s made more money than God, Getty, and Johnny Cash, but that doesn’t mean he contributed anything. If anything, he’s created a bigger hole for everyone to crawl out of. So he can kiss my ass.

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