NY Times can’t come right out and say it… but I will: BUSH LIED!

June 22, 2003

Bush May Have Exaggerated, but Did He Lie? That’s the headline on a NY Times “News Analysis” piece today.

Most thinking people with a memory would say “Yes” to the question of “Did he or didn’t he (lie),” but the Times sees black and white (our Prez’s favorite colors) as grey. In fact, the Times takes statements that are obvious untruths and glosses over them:

On the question of taxes, Mr. Bush made a claim in his State of the Union address that was not true, and he repeated it often afterward. “This tax relief,” he declared, “is for everyone who pays income taxes.”

In fact, as the Tax Policy Center, a research arm of the Brookings Institution and the Urban Institute, discovered, 8.1 million people who owe taxes would have received no tax cut from the Bush proposal and will get no break from the legislation that was enacted last month.

So, he lied, right? Not according to the Times. After giving their readers this unfiltered information, they go on to spin it in such a way that Bush comes out looking downright truthful.

But there are more than 100 million income tax payers in the country. So well over 90 percent will get some tax cut. If he had said “almost all,” it would have been accurate.

They do the same with the WMD question:

The October speech was devoted largely to the threat of banned weapons. Iraq, Mr. Bush said, had “a massive stockpile of biological weapons” and “thousands of tons of chemical agents” and was “reconstituting its nuclear weapons program.” The president asked, “If we know Saddam Hussein has dangerous weapons today — and we do — does it make any sense for the world to wait to confront him as he grows even stronger and develops even more dangerous weapons?”

In the speech in March, on the eve of war, Mr. Bush declared, “Intelligence gathered by this and other governments leaves no doubt that the Iraq regime continues to possess and conceal some of the most lethal weapons ever devised.”

There is no evidence the president did not believe what he was saying.

So, Bush manipulated intelligence to suggest that weapons were there, and seems to believe his own lies, so that makes it ok?

See Bush Lies for an excellent rundown on many many more lies uttered by our President and his minions.

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