Finally… our fearless leaders are using the taxpayers’ money for something worthwhile!

June 24, 2003

Here’s a wire story I found in the St. Petersburg Times News Update section. Link may not work for long, so here’s the full story:

Crist willing to intervene in ACC-Big East feud
Florida’s attorney general said today he’s prepared to intervene on behalf of the University of Miami in a lawsuit aimed at blocking the school and two other Big East members from transferring to the Atlantic Coast Conference. Attorney General Charlie Crist said Miami has the right to choose which conference it wants to play in and that he was prepared to oppose a lawsuit filed earlier this month by representatives of the Big East Conference, including the attorneys general of Massachusetts, Connecticut and Virginia. The suit claims the movement of Miami and possibly Boston College and Syracuse to the ACC would effectively bankrupt the Big East. “This is a fundamental dispute among athletic conferences and universities,” Crist said. “Universities have the right to join any conference that invites them. The law does not compel Miami, or any institution, to rebuff a legitimate overture, as long as existing contractual obligations are satisfied.”

So, Crist is quick to jump to the defense of a private institutions “rights,” even as the personal civil liberties of every citizen in this country are quickly being “disappeared” by his Republican cohorts. At least he has his priorities straight.

2 Responses to Finally… our fearless leaders are using the taxpayers’ money for something worthwhile!

  1. Georgina on July 2, 2003 at 1:16 pm

    First of all, I can’t see some of the options on this comment screen. They are almost visible, so I know there is a selection box, and something is selected, but I can’t see what it is about.
    About the Miami / Big East thing – I don’t even know what this is. Is it football? Basketball? All sports? I hater articles that don’t take one sentence to fill you in on what the hell they’re writing about. Sorry, not a college sthletics fan, but I might be interested if writers would take 1 sentence to make thier column accessible to me.

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