Non-violent drug “criminals” fill U.S. jails; Federal Judge quits in disgust

June 25, 2003

Elaine Cassel writes today of a U.S. Judge who is fed up with the system:

Martin is particularly bitter about drug sentencing laws. For drug offenses, according to recent data, account for about 60 % of federal prisoners. It is the harsh punishment for drug use and addiction that has driven up our incarceration rate to over 2 million men and women. We incarcerate more people for more crimes than any other country in the world.

And the sentencing is in the hands of the U.S. Sentencing Commission, behold to Congress, beholden to the President. Politics as usual.

The last straw for Martin came earlier this year when tucked into the Amber Alert legislation was a requirement that federal judges who deviate from the sentencing guidelines must report themselves to John Ashcroft.

And heavens know where that is going; it seems as if the errant judges are to be seen as naughty children who must report to their authoritarian father and await their punishment. You can’t obey John and at the same time use common sense or demonstrate compassion and decency. For all John’s talk of Christianity, he is one mean man when it comes to the weaknesses and suffering of others.

Watch your ass. If they dont get you for “supporting terrorists” through your recreational drug use, Ashcroft and his cronies will just find some other way. Unless youre a white Christian (in name, not necessarily in action) Republican war mongering fascist. In that case, your probably safe, at least for a while.

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