Greedy lawyer sues Tampa, wants another “dinner at Bern’s”

June 11, 2003

The SP Times reports that a Tampa lawyer is getting a little greedy:

Michael Addison complained each year when he wrote his check for an occupational license.

The business tax of about $350 wasn’t enough to fight over. But it was enough money to affect his pocketbook.

“That’s a lot of money,” Addison said Tuesday. “That’s a dinner at Bern’s.”

I’m not gonna sit here and defend every little governement fee, but let’s face facts: municipalities tax and regulate businesses. That’s one of the ways they raise revenue. I pay fees and taxes to the City of Tampa every year in order to keep my computer business legal. The fees are like any other tax: a pain in the ass when they have to be paid, but not otherwise overly burdensome. If we stop funding the government, we end up with nothing: no schools, no roads, no police or fire protection, etc. I think the lawyers can afford to chip in a little through the same occupational fees that other businesses must pay.

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