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Teach Your Children Hell: Kemple Leads School Board Money Chase

July 11, 2010
Teach Your Children Hell: Kemple Leads School Board Money Chase

A divorced family man who believes that teachers should have the academic freedom to bring God into the classroom but that they should never, ever, be allowed to mention the theory of contraception, is vying to fill one of the 7 positions on the Hillsborough County School Board, a group which is responsible for overseeing [...]

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A quick question

May 2, 2006

And then I’ll return to my silent brooding. Why is the County Attorney’s office acting as Ronda Storms’ personal Minitrue?

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Storms does Bay Area proud

December 21, 2005

(Note: Yes, this is the post that I promised to put up yesterday. Yes, it is late. For those of you who have been waiting with baited breath, I apologize, and I will fully refund the cost of your subscription upon request.) Howls of derision from the usual sources are accompanying Ronda Storms’ (R – [...]

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Don we now our gay apparel

December 14, 2005

Joe Redner has a holiday gift for Ronda Storms and Killer B. Brian Blair. Joe Redner, king of the strip clubs, says he’s gay. The disclosure came in his federal lawsuit against Hillsborough County commissioners, who recently banned the county from acknowledging or participating in gay pride events. The longtime activist who has made millions [...]

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Once again, Joe steps up to defend us all

October 19, 2005

Joe Redner got rich by founding Tampa’s most famous attraction. The Mons Venus is known around the world, and casual tourists and businesses travelers who find themselves in the area are often more interested in the location of the Mons than the site of their meetings or reunions. In an industry with a reputation for [...]

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Building schools and hatred

October 6, 2005

Yesterday, the Hillsborough BOCC, led by female female impersonator Ronda Storms (seen here in a fruitless search for an Adam’s apple), decided to deal with the county school construction funding crisis by ”studying” the problem to ensure that a larger regressive sales tax is enacted to ease an increase in school impact fees that would [...]

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Gay club membership restricted

September 15, 2005

The club exists, for now, but students must try harder to join. In a social studies classroom at Newsome High School, 37 students gathered Wednesday to form the school’s first Gay-Straight Alliance. The club is now official – over the protests of parents who were trying to stop it from forming. But Newsome’s Gay-Straight Alliance [...]

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A letter to Doris

September 13, 2005

Dear Mr. Doris: Having read the recent St. Pete Times article about your quest to quash the nascent Homo Haven at Newsome High School, I was moved to write these words of encouragement. First of all, I agree with your central thesis that it is truly shocking that high school kids might want to talk [...]

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Ronda Storms’ growing legacy of hatred and violence

July 30, 2005

When local leaders preach fear and loathing, it should come as no surprise when ignorant, thuggish constituents feel empowered to act out violently. A mobile home belonging to a gay couple was torched and an offensive epithet was spray-painted on the front steps, authorities said. Paul Day, 25, and Christopher Robertson, 23, returned home from [...]

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County rushes vote to affirm hatred

July 21, 2005

The rally and press conference outside actually drew a hundred or more people. 5 or 6 county police officers were also milling around. I asked one if he saw the irony in the fact that the county seemed to be spending money to acknowledge gay pride simply by paying the officers to be there, thus [...]

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