Harris: mean media manipulated pics

August 3, 2005
Harris: mean media manipulated pics

LATE Update: Images blatantly stolen from and Psychedelic Republicans. I, of course, should have acknowledged the original sources and linked to the sites in the first place. Sorry. Unretouched photo of Katherine Harris Detail from a ‘Colorized’ photo of Katherine Harris Makeup queen Katherine Harris, the Cruella DeVil bad cosmetics poster girl, now says [...]

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Shameless self-promotion

June 13, 2005

The St. Pete Times’ Adam Smith did a nice piece on Florida blogs on Sunday. Many of your favorites are prominently mentioned.

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Oops: Fox fucks up

July 1, 2004

Fox news, not exactly known for it’s, er, penetrating stories, showed some uncensored porn clips a few nights back. Theres a move afoot to complain to the FCC about this episode, though the FCC has no real power over cable.

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Headline writer on drugs

May 27, 2004

Aspirin and ibuprofen, mostly, but they’re drugs, right? When a headline in a mainstream newspaper screams “Drugs found in more than 6,700 Florida autopsies in 2003,” the vast majority of readers are going to assume that most of those deaths were caused or abetted by the consumption of illegal drugs, because , as we all [...]

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Give Stern a chance

April 18, 2004

Roger Ebert compares and contrasts Howard Stern and Rush Limbaugh: It is a belief of mine about the movies, that what makes them good or bad isn’t what they’re about, but how they’re about them. The point is not the subject but the form and purpose of its expression. A listener to Stern will find [...]

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Reporter buys calculator; Tribune plays catch up

November 23, 2003

(note: this entry is color coded for your reading convenience!) As reported here on BlogWood, The Tampa Tribune published an article on Nov. 19 that is remarkable for its bias. In a nutshell, a Sheriffs Deputy went before a government board to represent MADD, but testified in full uniform and misled those to whom he [...]

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Look! Over there!

November 19, 2003

Iraq Death Bombs Protests London Bush Failure Liar Punk-Ass Chump MICHAEL JACKSON UPDATED to fix stupid errors :~)

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Oops…. Fox News would never make a mistake like this…

November 1, 2003

The post below this one was a mistake. Well, the link and pasted text were a mistake anyway. This is what I meant to post, and the post below actually contains a follow-up letter to this earlier letter to Jim Romeneskos media blog. See, if you read this post, the headline for the post below [...]

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Fox News fair and balanced morning memo

October 31, 2003

In case anyone missed this, it’s a must read from Jim Romenesko’s blog. A little inside info from a former Fox News editor: From MATT GROSS, assistant editor, New York magazine: As a former editor at — and therefore clearly a disgruntled ex-employee — let me just say that the right-wing bias was there [...]

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June 25, 2003

From today’s News Dissector Web Log: FCC BATTLE STILL RAGES: CALL TO PRESSURE CONGRESS Common Cause is seeking to mobilize pressure on Congress: “Last Thursday, the Senate Commerce Committee responded to the call to overturn the FCC decision. It took the first step by approving Senate Bill S.1046, and added several amendments, including one addressing [...]

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