Editing the Constitution

July 5, 2010

Florida’s constitution is truly an evolving document. Every two years, amendments are proposed and and those that pass muster with Florida voters are edited into the text of the original document rather than just being tacked on at the end. The current version of our state constitution is full of seamless and not so seamless [...]

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This Is Democracy?

June 19, 2010

Florida’s statewide filing deadline for November races fell on Friday and news reports highlighted a great example of the kind of behavior that disgusts voters who say that they are just fed up with the same old “business as usual” as politicians from both parties took turns abusing a loophole in Florida law that allows [...]

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Storms does Bay Area proud

December 21, 2005

(Note: Yes, this is the post that I promised to put up yesterday. Yes, it is late. For those of you who have been waiting with baited breath, I apologize, and I will fully refund the cost of your subscription upon request.) Howls of derision from the usual sources are accompanying Ronda Storms’ (R – [...]

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Jeb! and GOP simply hate democracy

June 21, 2005

The Republicans are all about suppressing voter turnout and driving their own partisans to the polls. They don’t give a shit about democracy – it’s all about winning and holding on to power . Early voting proved to be so popular in its first test in Florida last year that election supervisors wanted to expand [...]

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FL GOP joins rush to silence independent voices

May 20, 2005

Citizens beware: it doesn’t matter if you’re right – if you fail to toe the line, you’re wrong . Lawmakers quietly eliminated a state office that was meant to review Florida education programs because the office was too often critical of state policy, critics of the move say. Gov. Jeb Bush pushed for the elimination [...]

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Beaten child wins right to beg at Leg’s door

May 18, 2005

Marissa Amora might have her medical expenses covered by the state, but the stingy GOP led Legislature will have to give its stamp of approval first. A jury just decided that Florida’s Department of Children and Families was 75 percent responsible for allowing the near-fatal beating that put Marissa in the hospital at the age [...]

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Legislature 2005: We got off easy this time

May 14, 2005

Legislature 2005: Citizens win most rounds in clash over constitution Floridians will be glad to know that the Legislature wasn’t able to “protect” the state constitution as much as some lawmakers wanted. At this point, only one change will be on the 2006 ballot. Voters will decide whether to require that any proposed amendment get [...]

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Tart reform: Florida fights floozies

May 7, 2005

Moving to consolidate their growing control over the bodies of women, Florida lawmakers passed a well publicized anti-abortion parental notification bill, but they have also voted for lesser known legislation designed to regulate the sexual activities of alimony recipients. See, the legislature thinks that divorced women should be able to pay their bills or fuck, [...]

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Abortion notification bill passes

May 7, 2005

State: Proposal for parental notice for abortions goes to Bush Parents would be told when their minor daughters seek abortions under a bill the Legislature passed Friday. A 96-14 vote in the House sent the measure (CS-HB 1659) to Gov. Jeb Bush, who signed a similar parental notice bill into law in 1999, only to [...]

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Key tort reform measure fails

May 6, 2005
Key tort reform measure fails

Jeb! is not having a good week. He had to follow the law and common sense by allowing a foster kid to have an abortion. His underhanded plan to undo the voter mandated class size amendment failed miserably, and now one of his priority giveaways to business interests has also been shot down. Senate rejects [...]

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