Al-Arian acquitted

December 7, 2005

The most telling moment of the Al-Arian trial came when his lawyers opted to put on no defense. They simply declined to answer what they said was insufficient evidence presented by the government to prove their client’s guilt. Apparently, the jury agreed. Once billed as a major strike in the war on terrorism, the case [...]

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Who would Jesus kill?

December 3, 2005

SP Times: Jurors prayed before deliberating whether 11-year-old Carlie Brucia’s killer should live or die. They prayed again five hours later when a count of secret ballots showed they had voted 10-2 to recommend execution for Joseph Smith. “We prayed for wisdom. We prayed for the families,” the Rev. Francis “Ron” Kruzel, the jury foreman, [...]

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Hagen hastens to halt harlots

November 30, 2005

Even as the vacationing Hillsborough County Commission was receiving paid praise for its ‘undergirding’ of a narrow minded and bigoted Christian agenda, some staff were working overtime to ensure that an incident like this will never reoccur, because the family friendly act of paying exorbitant sums to a wealthy welfare daddy for the privilege of [...]

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Congratulations to the Saint Petersburg Times!

November 29, 2005

I’m envious. The following media operations have regularly helped distribute defamation and false information supplied by far left websites: – New York Daily News – The St. Petersburg Times – MSNBC These are the worst offenders. In the months to come, we expect to add more names to this list. We recommend that you do [...]

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Attitudes on race evolve

November 25, 2005
Attitudes on race evolve

Then: Now: Meridian already has one stylistic white trash container. More are to follow… Presumably, the contents will be periodically collected and sold to the Jerry Springer show.

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Cranky commission castrates Castor, cozies up to Clear Channel

November 18, 2005

Well, the county sold out to Clear Channel yesterday. Truthfully, I’m surprised it took this long for the commissioners (acting as the EPC) to cave. Under the terms of the deal, Clear Channel can play music as loud as they want for a year or so with no fear of penalty. Then they have to [...]

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Ronda, you ignorant slut…

November 12, 2005

A completely non-political charity event to helps kids is being attacked by a hair lipped monster because the organizers had the temerity to, uh, try to raise some money to help kids. A charity event to raise money for needy children may be in jeopardy because Hillsborough County Commissioner Ronda Storms has questioned its association [...]

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School Board rolls over for American Taliban

November 9, 2005

By making a thoughtful decision to stop favoring Christian holy days in the school calendar and to be respectful of other beliefs and cultures by allowing kids to take days off as their traditions dictate, the Hillsborough County School Board predictably opened itself up to attack by theocratic opponents of inclusive policy. Board members and [...]

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HOT Lesbian SEX in public bathrooms

November 8, 2005

OK – so maybe they weren’t actually having sex in the stall. Maybe that was retching rather than moaning that was heard. Maybe the women waiting to use the stall – the ones who made the lurid accusations that were just too juicy not to believe – were just a little inebriated themselves, and annoyed [...]

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Killer’s punishment: ‘Go to your room! And stay there, uh, for a while!’

November 7, 2005
Killer’s punishment: ‘Go to your room!  And stay there, uh, for a while!’

The formula is simple: hire an expensive lawyer, blame your (unlikely to be charged) relatives for tampering with evidence, toss the mother of the victims (who lacks the financial savvy to hold out for an equitable settlement) a pittance, and walk away scot-free. Jennifer Porter, a white woman from a relatively wealthy family hit and [...]

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