War on the poor

Spirit of Horatio Alger stronger than ever!

January 21, 2006

RL here. Krugman really pisses me off. The name of the leftist rag? Business Week, which published an article titled “Waking Up From the American Dream.” The article summarizes recent research showing that social mobility in the United States (which was never as high as legend had it) has declined considerably over the past few [...]

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Poor timing

January 11, 2006

This report is making the rounds. Tax refunds sought by 1.6 million poor Americans over the last five years were frozen and their returns labeled fraudulent, although the vast majority appear to have done nothing wrong, the Internal Revenue Service’s taxpayer advocate told Congress yesterday. A computer program identified the refund requests as suspect and [...]

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Hillsborough Homeland Schools Initiative works as planned

October 31, 2005

When Hillsborough County first rolled out its new school choice plan, critics weren’t sure that it would accomplish its goal of resegregation, but, defying the naysayers, the school board has managed to turn the clock back 50 years in an impressively short period of time. The plan is brilliant in its simplicity, yet just burdensome [...]

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Jeb! blames poor for lack of aid

October 27, 2005

It’s New Orleans redux in South Florida, as FEMA drops the ball and Jeb! tries to deflect blame from his brother by taking responsibility for sloppy planning and implementation of disaster recovery. Well, Jeb!’s not accepting full responsibility – he thinks that people who were unable to stockpile supplies are dumbasses because they failed to [...]

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Wal-Mart’s evil plan

October 26, 2005

Don’t be fooled by the rhetorical crap spewing forth from orificial Wal-Mart sources. While the company publicly claims to have seen the light on environmental issues and has even come out in favor of raising the minimum wage, internal documents reveal the truly sinister nature of the evil behemoth. The AP reports that Wal-Mart is [...]

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Fed’s approve Medicaid Eradication Plan

October 20, 2005

Jeb!’s Medicaid Eradication Plan, which conservatives are fervently hoping to use a model in other states, has been approved by the feds. A special session of the Florida Legislature will be required for the plan to meet its July 1 target date to start services in Broward and Duval counties. Otherwise, Jeb!’s plan to kill [...]

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Building schools and hatred

October 6, 2005

Yesterday, the Hillsborough BOCC, led by female female impersonator Ronda Storms (seen here in a fruitless search for an Adam’s apple), decided to deal with the county school construction funding crisis by ”studying” the problem to ensure that a larger regressive sales tax is enacted to ease an increase in school impact fees that would [...]

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One Bright White Florida Future

October 3, 2005

One Bright White Florida Future Florida’s Bright Futures is a popular college scholarship program, but the fact that it is strictly merit based with no income cap restrictions leads to the scholarships being awarded to many people who would go to college with or without state aid while truly needy poor and minority students whose [...]

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Jeb! uses state money to stifle choice

September 24, 2005

His own GOP dominated legislature wouldn’t give him the cash for a “Pregnancy Support Services Program,” so he snuck in a line item in his office budget for “crisis counseling.” As previously noted, the GOP, and especially Jeb!, just don’t like democracy. Gov. Jeb Bush is pushing forward with a $2 million state-sponsored, anti-abortion contract [...]

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Tampa on 29 cents per day

September 20, 2005

Hillsborough County is wringing its hands and trying to figure out just what to do with the estimated 11,000 homeless people on our streets. Remember: this is a community that gives away sports palaces worth hundreds of millions of dollars to millionaire billionaire capitalists who turn around and set ticket and concession prices that prevent [...]

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