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New Country Music Bible?

June 11, 2003

Jack Spark’s The Other Side of Country is smoking, as usual, this week. He is reviewing a new book, Heartaches by the Number: Country Music’s 500 Greatest Singles, by David Cantwell (DC) and Bill Friskics-Warren (BFW), which he actually likes, despite the tone of this quote: To whit…Number 358, “Any Man of Mine,” by Shania [...]

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What Pixies song are you?

June 11, 2003

What Pixies song are you? Thanks to Melissa Maerz for this one! With your feet in the air and your head on the ground Try this trick and spin it, yeah Your head will collapse But there’s nothing in it And you’ll ask yourself Where is my mind, Where is my mind, Where is my [...]

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Greedy lawyer sues Tampa, wants another “dinner at Bern’s”

June 11, 2003

The SP Times reports that a Tampa lawyer is getting a little greedy: Michael Addison complained each year when he wrote his check for an occupational license. The business tax of about $350 wasn’t enough to fight over. But it was enough money to affect his pocketbook. “That’s a lot of money,” Addison said Tuesday. [...]

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Violent anti-female child molesting highly moral Christian caught

June 11, 2003

John Burt, the anti-abortion supporter of terrorists, has been apprehended: Burt had been missing since Thursday, when he drove away from the home. Burt is accused of assaulting a 15-year-old resident of Our Father’s House, the wayward girls’ home he owns in nearby Milton. He is charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor, [...]

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Why war?

June 11, 2003

Steve Perrys Monday blog includes excerpts from Jay Bookmans assessment as to why we really went to war: …why does the administration seem unconcerned about an exit strategy from Iraq once Saddam is toppled? Because we won’t be leaving. Having conquered Iraq, the United States will create permanent military bases in that country from which [...]

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As the budget spirals ever upward, Republicans spar over just how unfair is unfair enough…

June 11, 2003

The NY Times reports that Tom Delay and the Bushies are arguing about just how bad to screw the poor. The Prez wants to look compassionate by revising the tax bill to include millions of people who urgently need relief and who were shut out at the last minute by Republicans. Bush then signed the [...]

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Old Blog

June 11, 2003

The Original BlogWood can still be accessed, but will no longer be updated. A link will remain for some time on the left side of this page as well.

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