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Caring Christian Confused?

June 12, 2003

That silly John Burt… he’s always mixing up the concept of God’s love and the act of making love. Poor guy… maybe he’ll get it right someday. Mary Jo Melone chips in with her opinion on this developing case of yet another white Christian male spreading the sticky goo of God: Burt’s persona had a [...]

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Jeb can’t keep his politics off of a woman’s body

June 12, 2003

Here’s a link to the original article, reprinted in its entirety below. Compiled from Times wires St. Petersburg Times published June 12, 2003 ORLANDO – A woman who lost her bid to be the legal guardian for a mentally disabled woman who is pregnant from a rape has asked a court to appoint her [...]

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Jeb: “Call Florida senators!”

June 12, 2003

Jeb is on the road drumming up support for his medical malpractice reform. The central part of his package would limit damages for pain and suffering that are awarded to people who suffer from a doctors mistakes. Like other lawsuit cap bills, this one seeks to protect industry (insurance, in this case) and pump up [...]

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Stiffing workers

June 12, 2003

David Lindorff, writing in Counterpunch, warns us of one more lube-freee Rebpulican position: If ordinary working people needed some hard evidence that this Republican government in Washington is not on their side–that it is, in fact, out to get them–they finally have it in a very simple form: the effort in Congress to eliminate overtime [...]

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