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Link to “They Just Don’t Want to Know Of Dissidents and Dissonance”, by Ben Tripp

June 17, 2003

I read this piece on MorningWood today. Lotsa requests for the source, so here you go: Ben Tripp: Of Dissidents and Dissonance

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More later?

June 17, 2003

I did my regular show on WMNF this morning from 4-6. I think I might rest for a while. Stay tuned for more rants later today or tomorrow.

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DNA Dragnet another drag on civil rights?

June 17, 2003

A DNA dragnet in Miami is raising civil liberties concerns. Police, searching for a serial rapist, are asking for voluntary samples from hundreds of Hispanic males. Howard Simon, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Florida, said he feared the testing may turn into a “dragnet roundup of all Hispanic males in that [...]

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