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Bring em on Saddam captured Situation improving qWagmire

January 31, 2004

US deaths rise in wake of Saddam capture US combat deaths in Iraq have risen sharply during January despite a drop in the number of attacks and the capture of former dictator Saddam Hussein over a month ago. As of Thursday, 33 American soldiers and one civilian had been killed by hostile fire during the [...]

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W’s recovery

January 30, 2004

Washington Post A record-high 375,000 jobless workers will exhaust their unemployment insurance this month and an estimated 2 million workers will find themselves in the same predicament during the first half of the year, according to an analysis of Labor Department statistics by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. …… The jobless recovery has [...]

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The Arts, fascist style

January 30, 2004

Did you notice that W just proposed increasing funding for the NEA? If he actually comes through with any money, expect more of this: The play praises patriotism, but the judges only saw teens cutting up an American flag. It was enough to disqualify Archbishop McCarthy High students from a competition early this week for [...]

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All the news that fits…

January 30, 2004

Havent been posting a whole lot this week, what with fundraising and starting fires, so lets catch up a litlle: Welfare daddies cash in: Centro Ybor bailout begins Wannabe welfare daddies vow to come back: Civitas hoping that Tampa Housing Authority does not get its grant so that Civitas can move forward with Ed Turanchiks [...]

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MD E-voting report slams Diebold

January 29, 2004

NYT Electronic voting machines made by Diebold Inc. that are widely used in several states have such poor computer security and physical security that an election could be disrupted or even stolen by corrupt insiders or determined outsiders, according to a new report presented today to Maryland state legislators. Authors of the report – the [...]

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“Liar Liar…”

January 29, 2004

Pants on fire-mobile comes to Tampa! Contact Information: Norwood Orrick 813-226-2550 BlogWood: Norwood’s Fair and Balanced Nattering (local updates) (general info) FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: January 29, 2004 Giant Statue of President George W. Bush with Pants Ablaze will be towed through Tampa Tampa, FL – Local activists will tow a giant statue of [...]

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January 27, 2004

Just got back form WMNF. MorningWood had a modest goal of $500. I raised over $1250 $1325! Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. Oh, and you… Thanks!

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Get Up with MorningWood

January 26, 2004

Help! Marathon is here. Winter Minithon, actually, but pretty much the same thing as our twice a year fundraisers which we call marathon. For those of you who are scratching your heads right now and saying huh?, were discussing 70,000 watt Community Radio WMNF 88.5fm, Tampa. Community Radio, as in no commercials, no Clear Channel, [...]

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qWagmire update

January 24, 2004

5 G.I. Insurgents in Iraq killed or wounded scores of people in several attacks on Saturday, including two American soldiers who were killed by a makeshift bomb on a road near Falluja and three more who died in a truck-bomb attack in Khaldiya, military officials said. Another bomb went off near the city council building [...]

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aWol lied

January 24, 2004

NYT David Kay, who led the American effort to find banned weapons in Iraq, said Friday after stepping down from his post that he has concluded that Iraq had no stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons at the start of the war last year. In an interview with Reuters, Dr. Kay said he now thought [...]

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