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Please Stand By

August 23, 2005

Regular blogging will resume soon.

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Plan to dislocate poor okayed

August 17, 2005

Plan for Central Park okayed Replacement housing for the more than 1,300 residents of the 484-unit complex is of particular concern. The Central Park Group’s plans call for only 182 new public housing units.

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Improving public housing by eliminating the poor

August 16, 2005

What a happy day: a couple of ex-residents of blighted public housing got to move into new digs in the complex that replaced their old neighborhood. Nearly two years ago, the Tampa Housing Authority tore down Riverview Terrace, a six-decade-old public housing project with a reputation for drug deals and crime. In its place is [...]

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St. Pete fights the power

August 13, 2005

Last week, St. Petersburg cops arrested several peaceful protesters for trespassing on a public sidewalk. This week, St Pete for Peace will be back at BayWalk. Saturday, August 13th from 7:30-9:30pm Baywalk, downtown St. Petersburg (map) Tell Baywalk that the public sidewalk is for the people, not for the corporations! Speak out against imperialism, torture, [...]

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Miami fights the power

August 12, 2005

(From the BlogWood mailbag) Ever heard of the Continental Management Group? They run most of South Florida’s condos. If you live in Miami, chances are they run yours. Well, Continental’s greed and poor service has gotten so bad, it’s provoked this hilarious new music video: Screw This Condo The flash is funny, but what’s going [...]

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Support Cindy Sheehan

August 11, 2005
Support Cindy Sheehan

Click the link to show your support for Cindy Sheehan. The mother of a fallen U.S. soldier who started a quiet roadside peace vigil near President Bush’s ranch last weekend is drawing supporters from across the nation. Dozens of people have joined her and others have sent flowers and food. Cindy Sheehan, 48, of Vacaville, [...]

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Christian love

August 10, 2005

Dr. Dobson’s Newsletter: June 2002 Meanwhile, the boy’s father has to do his part. He needs to mirror and affirm his son’s maleness. He can play rough-and-tumble games with his son, in ways that are decidedly different from the games he would play with a little girl. He can help his son learn to throw [...]

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St. Pete Antiwar Protesters Arrested

August 8, 2005

The St. Pete Police came down hard on some peaceful protesters Saturday night. Mel Sembler’s BayWalk has been complaining about the protesters, who occupy (but do not block) public sidewalks on Saturday nights. Apparently, the war in Iraq is bad for business, so Bush lackey Sembler wants to suppress free speech and support the troops [...]

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BlogWood Redux: Tampa wins Whore Off

August 4, 2005
BlogWood Redux: Tampa wins Whore Off

Note: As noted previously, I’m re-posting some tired old stuff during this time of light blogging. This post first appeared in May. Fond of inserting annoying little creatures into his rectum. Like Mr. Slave, who brilliantly answered Paris Hilton’s pineapple trick by entirely inserting Paris herself into his asshole and lisping “Oooh, Jesus Christ!”, Tampa [...]

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Harris: mean media manipulated pics

August 3, 2005
Harris: mean media manipulated pics

LATE Update: Images blatantly stolen from and Psychedelic Republicans. I, of course, should have acknowledged the original sources and linked to the sites in the first place. Sorry. Unretouched photo of Katherine Harris Detail from a ‘Colorized’ photo of Katherine Harris Makeup queen Katherine Harris, the Cruella DeVil bad cosmetics poster girl, now says [...]

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