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SideBlogs, Bitches!

September 30, 2005

SideBlogs (to your left) are often frequently updated, even when there are no new regular posts. More actual BlogWood posts coming soon. Stay tuned.

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Corporate welfare aids profits, not jobs

September 29, 2005

States and municipal governments have long been in the habit of providing tax breaks and other incentives to employers who promise to bring jobs to their region. Often, the per-job cost to the state more than offsets any economic gain, and lost tax revenues lead to infrastructure problems down the road. Corporate welfare encourages states [...]

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Developers build profits, balk at community needs

September 28, 2005

In Hillsborough County, developers are whining over the use of logic and common sense to steer new growth. With the lowest school impact fee in the state ($196) and pro-developer commissioners running the show at the BOCC, these guys are used to getting whatever they want and getting it cheap, and the idea that some [...]

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Palm Beach supports law and order

September 27, 2005

Palm Beach just passed a buffer law to give women some relief from the American Taliban – domestic terrorists who use violence and intimidation to further their quest for total control over women’s personal medical decisions. City commissioners on Monday approved a law that will prohibit anti-abortion protesters from coming any closer than 20 feet [...]

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Hell freezes over

September 25, 2005

Storms Apologizes To Castor For Remark Hillsborough County Commissioner Ronda Storms has apologized to Commissioner Kathy Castor for a verbal attack this week. “I’m not going to use the excuse of being tired and these long hours,” Storms said late Thursday at the end of the commission’s budget hearing. “It was inexcusable, and I wanted [...]

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Jeb! uses state money to stifle choice

September 24, 2005

His own GOP dominated legislature wouldn’t give him the cash for a “Pregnancy Support Services Program,” so he snuck in a line item in his office budget for “crisis counseling.” As previously noted, the GOP, and especially Jeb!, just don’t like democracy. Gov. Jeb Bush is pushing forward with a $2 million state-sponsored, anti-abortion contract [...]

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GOP’s fradulent logic

September 24, 2005

Republicans know that they can’t win in an actual democracy. That’s why they often cry fraud in an attempt to disenfranchise black voters. Georgia’s crackdown on voter fraud would be more credible if it actually pursued fraud. But the new requirement for photo IDs at the polls does nothing to address absentee ballots, where there [...]

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Pay attention to ME

September 22, 2005

Still a little hung over form the high of being named Tampa Bay’s Best Left Winger, BlogWood feels slightly abashed at having overlooked the other Tampa area sites that are getting lots of attention right now. Sticks of Fire is the Weekly Planet’s pick as the area’s Best Web Site and is also prominently mentioned [...]

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September 22, 2005

New BlogWood posts later today, I hope. In the meantime, there’s lots of good stuff in the SideBlogs over to your left. Don’t miss Phil Donahue’s slap down of Bill O’Reilly from Crooks and Liars.

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Thank You! (sniff, sniff…)

September 21, 2005
Thank You!  (sniff, sniff…)

It’s official: I’m a winger (or BlogWood is a winger, which may mean that BlogWood has achieved the blog equivalent of corporate personhood, at least in the eye of the Weekly Planet), and BlogWood even shares a page with Ronda Storms. (My loyal reader will recall that while Ronda and I usually disagree, we have [...]

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