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Snow job in Tampa: Trib pushes Bush agenda

January 31, 2006

Today’s Tribune has an nice easy-to-read sales job for Bush’s forthcoming plan to fix our health care crisis by offering Americans even less health insurance than we currently have. Tonight, if leaks are correct, President Bush will use his annual State of the Union speech to seek support for changing the health care system into [...]

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Something to do on a rainy day…

January 30, 2006

A filibuster is within reach. Call, fax, or email your Congressman right now – this is your last chance. If you’ve already called, do it again. Alito Filibuster Daily Kos: Breaking News: Cloture vote too close to call – Alito may be blocked THE NEWS BLOG Jesus’ General

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Spirit of Horatio Alger stronger than ever!

January 21, 2006

RL here. Krugman really pisses me off. The name of the leftist rag? Business Week, which published an article titled “Waking Up From the American Dream.” The article summarizes recent research showing that social mobility in the United States (which was never as high as legend had it) has declined considerably over the past few [...]

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Keyboard Kommando Krusades for Freedom

January 16, 2006

Relax everyone – tonight you can rest easy. A pasty faced loser with an Internet connection is protecting us all from the crusading hordes of brown skinned people who wish to run rampant over our superior society. He’s young enough to enlist, but he knows that people like him – white people with diplomas and [...]

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Government Kidnaps Christian Children!

January 13, 2006
Government Kidnaps Christian Children!

Lori Allain, victim of sinful persecution! RL here. Well, the fascist army of the godless government is at it again. First, we had Waco and Ruby Ridge. Now Tom’s River will forever be invoked with the same prayerful short intake of breath. On Wednesday, God’s soldiers Arthur and Lori Allain were unlawfully apprehended in a [...]

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Poor timing

January 11, 2006

This report is making the rounds. Tax refunds sought by 1.6 million poor Americans over the last five years were frozen and their returns labeled fraudulent, although the vast majority appear to have done nothing wrong, the Internal Revenue Service’s taxpayer advocate told Congress yesterday. A computer program identified the refund requests as suspect and [...]

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Voucher Decision Shows Need for Court Reform

January 9, 2006

Well, the activist judges on Florida’s Supreme Court are at it again. This time, they’ve decreed that Jeb!, our beloved leader, can’t help kids get a decent education. Why do these judges hate children? Some people might say that it’s better to fully fund public schools and to provide basics like textbooks and working bathrooms, [...]

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January 9, 2006

BlogWood is many things, but ever since the Weekly Planet declared this site to be Tampa Bay’s Best Left Winger, some people have said that BlogWood is not as fair and balanced as it could be. So, in an effort to increase said fairness and balance, BlogWood is proudly announcing the addition of a new [...]

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