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Fair Districts: Balart Bros. Show Redistricting Matters

September 8, 2010

In 1992, a Freshman Republican was elected to represent the Miami area in the US House. The GOP majority in the Florida legislature district had just designed his district as a safe Republican South Florida “Hispanic access seat.” His name: Lincoln Diaz-Balart. In 2002, a Freshman Republican was elected to represent the Miami area in [...]

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Editing the Constitution: Amendment 1

July 7, 2010

Note: This week Over the next week or two I’ll spend several days and diaries discussing the constitutional amendment process in Florida as well as the specific amendments that are on the November ballot this year. The first part of the series is here. On Monday we learned how the Florida constitution can be amended [...]

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Editing the Constitution

July 5, 2010

Florida’s constitution is truly an evolving document. Every two years, amendments are proposed and and those that pass muster with Florida voters are edited into the text of the original document rather than just being tacked on at the end. The current version of our state constitution is full of seamless and not so seamless [...]

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