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FL-22: VFW PAC Endorses Democrat Klein, Makes Republicans Whine!

October 14, 2010

Lieutenant Colonel Allen B West (US Army War Criminal, Ret) is not a witch. Allen West is a macho hetero Spartan warrior with a higher security clearance than the President. He’s into Nazis and movies about gladiators, likes to dabble in torture, is a favorite of Sarah Palin, and, of course, he’s a deadbeat who’s [...]

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Marco Rubio: From Poor Boy Cuban Hero to Grinder?

September 23, 2010

Marco Rubio, son of working class immigrants, Republican US Senate candidate and, of course, a hero, is facing questions stemming from spending decisions made during his reign as Speaker of the Florida House. In 2007 while courageously leading the Florida House of Representatives, Rubio somehow found the time to become a true hero to a [...]

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Bi-Party Crist Wont Pick Partner

August 30, 2010

Florida Governor and one-time leading Senatorial Candidate Charlie Crist is finding that coming out as bi-party is not the cakewalk that he was hoping for – his old friends feel betrayed and confused, his new friends are somewhat fickle, and his enemies are gleeful as he bends and twists to distance himself from the very [...]

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Teach Your Children Hell? No!

August 25, 2010

Hillsborough County voters smote the Terry Kemple campaign a death blow on Tuesday. Despite raising more money than any other candidate in the four candidate non-partisan race, Kemple’s extreme beliefs and religious agenda may have turned voters off as he barely managed a humiliating third place finish with less than twenty percent of the vote. [...]

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Right Wing Koch Suckers Swallow Wads of Kash

August 24, 2010

Charles and David Koch are the owners of Koch Industries. They are filthy, rich, and they fund a self-serving “Kochtopus” of organizations designed to destroy progressivism – a shadowy network of Koch Suckers eagerly swallowing all the cash that the Kochs can pump out. Rachel Maddow has been all over the Koch brothers story, but [...]

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State House 48: Tea Party Camping. With Fluoride.

August 12, 2010

Marg Baker is a Tea Party Republican candidate for Florida State House District 48, which covers parts of Northern Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties, near Tampa. She’s been running a pretty standard issue Tea Party campaign. But lately she’s achieved another level. Marg hits all the right notes – she is a divorced, single pro-family, anti-government [...]

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No Longer Beating a Dead Horse

June 24, 2010

I give up – there’s really no reason to rally behind the only real Democrat in the Democratic primary race. No Party Charlie Crist is with us on everything except what he’s not with us on and that’s good enough for me, so the primary is officially moot. Look, I will always like Kendrick – [...]

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The Chain Gang Charlie Crist is Born

June 21, 2010
The Chain Gang Charlie Crist is Born

“I’m as conservative as any governor. I’m chain gang Charlie. I’m pro-gun. I’m pro life,” That’s Charlie Crist way back in 2009 before he made a sincere and heartfelt decision to completely change. Charlie Crist recently became the darling of Florida’s teachers as he polished his indie cred by vetoing an absolutely horrible education bill.  [...]

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This Is Democracy?

June 19, 2010

Florida’s statewide filing deadline for November races fell on Friday and news reports highlighted a great example of the kind of behavior that disgusts voters who say that they are just fed up with the same old “business as usual” as politicians from both parties took turns abusing a loophole in Florida law that allows [...]

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Will Meek Be the Last Pol Standing in Nov.?

June 4, 2010

In the 3 way race that is expected to develop for Florida Senate, Kendrick Meek is perfectly positioned to benefit from scandals rocking the Florida GOP. No party Charlie Crist’s hand-picked head of the Florida Republicans was just arrested for… stealing from the Florida Republicans. Marco Rubio is also caught up in the scandal, as the IRS is investigating reports that he more or less lived off of a Florida Republican Party American Express Card for several years. Perhaps most importantly, Crist’s and Rubio’s problems are indicative of a GOP brand in Florida that is heavily tainted by rampant corruption.

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